Cheap EV charging made simple!

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The Ohme Cable is available at a special price of £349 (inc.vat) for Tonik Energy customers.

Tonik and Ohme is the revolutionary way to save money when charging your Electric Vehicle. Ohme integrates beautifully with Tonik Energy's Smart Home and EV tariff, the only tariff that truly separates your home energy use from your EV energy use, using your home charging data to do so – a UK first.

Charge 8,000 miles from as little as £80* 

Plug your EV in to charge and pay a special dedicated rate, whilst simultaneously your general household electricity usage is charged at your standard rate plus no need for a special meter. Tonik Energy guarantees the lowest fixed over-night rate for EV charging in the UK. 

Keep your domestic and EV charging rates separate. Smarter EV Home Charging without the need for a special meter.

If you are not a Tonik Energy customer, click here to switch to Tonik Smart EV. You can do this before or after you get your Ohme Cable.

By purchasing through the above link you consent to Ohme sharing personal data with Tonik Energy . Please see for details of Ohme Operation UK Limited’s Privacy Policy.  

*Home and Smart EV tariff is capped at 1,920kWh for your EV consumption through the home charging solution over a 12 month period, any EV consumption above this cap will be charged at your Tonik home energy tariff rate. 1,920kWh’s is the equivalent of 8,000 miles and based on the Tesla Model 3 which has an EPA Rating of 24kWh / 100 miles (equivalent to 4.17 miles per kWh). Assuming all your EV charging takes place between 12 midnight and 7am and based on the equivalent night rate for the EV element of the tariff at 4.17p/kWh, the total cost of charging 1,920 kWh (8,000 miles) is £80.06. 

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